Hario Switch 03

45,90  Incl. VAT

Experience coffee freedom with our V60 immersion dripper. Unlike traditional methods, the metal ball blocks water flow, ensuring a 2-minute immersion. Press a button for a smooth, even coffee extraction.


V60 brewing epitomizes freedom. Unlike traditional drippers requiring constant hot water pouring, this one is designed for immersion extraction. The metal ball at the dripper's base halts water flow, ensuring a 2-minute immersion. A button press then releases a smooth, even coffee flow into your cup, simplifying the extraction process.


Product information
SIZE: W118 × L115 × H133mm
CAPACITY: Finished capacity 250mL
WEIGHT (Incl. box): Approx. 500g
Dripper: Heatproof glass
Base: Silicone rubber
Switch: PCT resin
Ball: Stainless steel
Paper: Pulp

Made in Japan.


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