2020 – Midsommar – Double Espresso – By – Carina Anderson

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Ceramic cup with saucer.

Dishwasher safe

110 mililiter

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The new Art Cup collection 2020 is being released very soon.

This collection has been made by a Swedish artist Carina Anderson. Carina is a Swedish artist born in Lappland Sweden, and now resides in Helsingborg Sweden. She’s a very old friend of mine that has been selling her art more underground, and never had allot of exhibitions. She’s an amazing oil painting artist, and an unbelievable realist pencil drawer.

Carina Anderson and Stockholm Espresso Club decided to do a Art Cup collection for 2020. Her choice was Swedish midsummer, which was supposed to be released on midsummer 2020, due to corona everything has been delayed and will be released 15.11.2020, to bring you warmth during this coming winter.

These cup´s that Carina has designed, represent Sweden during summer time. If you look very closely at the cups, you will notice insects and flowers that flourish and blossom during Swedish summer. It took one and a half year to finish this project, due to lockdown 2020. Now finally we will release these amazing beautiful one-of-a-kind cups, that are a homage to the old-school porcelain artists. Carina Andersson wanted to capture the vintage style porcelain, with the famous Delfta blue, not forgetting our heritage of porcelain making.


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