Ethiopia-Chelelektu WS- Filter Coffee 250g

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Introducing our premium coffee beans from Chelelektu Washing Station, a critical hub for smallholder farmers in the Gedeo Zone.



Farm: Chelelektu Washing Station
Producer: 750 small producers
Origin: Kochere
Process. Natural
Aroma: Peach, Black currants, Vanilla

Ajere Washing Station: A Source of Excellent Coffee and a Beacon of Hope

Coffee production and processing:
For close to 800 to 850 smallholder coffee farmers who depend on the station to process their precisely cultivated coffee cherries, Ajere WS is a critical hub.
The region's unique microclimate, rich soil, and high elevation of 1950masl make it ideal for cultivating excellent coffee beans.

Superiority and Variety:
Yirgacheffe Grade 1 coffee from Ajere WS is highly sought after for its floral flavors, including jasmine, apricot, and lavender.

The heirloom coffee variety grown here is harvested through picking.
Rain acts as irrigation in this area of reddish or brownish earth.

Community Support:
Ajere WS has implemented several initiatives to improve the quality of life there, including building additional classrooms for the local school.

In conclusion, Ajere Washing Station has earned the respect and admiration of the surrounding community and the entire coffee industry.
It is a source of prosperity and hope for the coffee farmers in the Gedeo Zone, and it is deserving of appreciation for its commitment to the cultivation of premium coffee and social responsibility initiatives.

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